Ultrasonic (UT) Air Coupled Inspection


Non-Contact Ultrasonics

Airscan® is a Non-Contact Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Inspection technique developed by QMI in 1986. This technique differs from conventional water-immersion testing, water-jet testing and dry-coupled testing by using air as the acoustic coupling media between the transducers and the part under test.

Airscan® offers the advantage of the elimination of water contamination of the item under test, the elimination of water handling and purification systems (pumps, tanks or collection basins, filters, etc.), and the elimination of contaminated water disposal issues.


Airscan® is intended for use with engineered materials, such as:

Laminated Materials:

Aluminium Laminates

CFRP Lay-ups
FRP Lay-ups

Bonded Assemblies


Core Materials:

Honeycomb Core

Foam Core