What is Imaginos NDE all about?

Imaginos NDE has one main aim, to offer the non-destructive testing (NDT) industry advanced solutions for their application issues. Imaginos NDE looks to bring the most innovative, up-to-date NDT options to the market across a range of non destructive testing methods.

Imaginos NDE believe that the NDT industry should have access to a range of alternative systems, equipment and software that challenge the traditional non-destructive testing methods including Ultrasonic (UT) Phased Array NDT equipment, Ultrasonic (UT) Cleaning Systems, Computed Tomography (CT) 3D Imagining Software and non destructive testing (NDT) film scanners.

At Imaginos NDE we are committed to offering our clients a superb depth of NDT knowledge, industry leading advanced NDE products teamed with outstanding support and service.

Who is behind Imaginos NDE?

Imaginos NDE was founded by Mike Reilly (see also the ETher NDE website and Baugh & Weedon website) in 2012. Mike has a passion for new and advanced NDE technology and so Imaginos NDE was born as a perfect place to be able to showcase these NDT solutions. As the logo suggests, Imaginos is about imagining an alternative to the norm and finding unique answers to tricky NDT application problems.

Who are Imaginos NDE?

Imaginos NDE is made up of a small team of NDE specialists who collectively have a huge wealth of NDT knowledge. With team members spread throughout Europe, Imaginos NDE has the ability to have a NDT specialist that knows your local market in contact with you very quickly.

The Imaginos team are passionate about non-destructive testing, challenging the boundaries of normal testing methods and continuously working towards a bigger and brighter NDT market.

What can Imaginos NDE offer you?

If you have a non-destructive testing (NDT) application issue that you think Imaginos NDE could help with, then please get in touch. Our specialist team will be able to offer you the right advice that will give you the best solution for your NDT application problem. We work closely with other NDE organisations (ETher NDE, Baugh & Weedon and Tecnitest NDT) who collectively cover every non-destructive testing method available.




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