Pore Defect Detection with VX3D.

3D Industrial Imaging (3DII) specialises in X-ray imaging software and application specific defect inspection software for non-destructive testing (NDT).

3DII also provides innovative solutions regarding visual processing and process control to Manufacturers, System Integrators and Research Institutes.

The 3DII range offers a number of different versions giving the most flexibility when finding the right imaging software for the customer.

3DII developed into a commercial entity after first being started in the University of Seoul as a research project. It was quickly realised that the 3DII technology had the ability to become a commercial product and so the 3DII brand was born.

Due to the nature of how 3DII came to market, the product has been able to remain flexible to the customers needs. The 3DII engineering team will work tirelessly to adapt the 3DII software to fit your application. It is this ability to adapt that sets 3DII apart from its competition.

3DII has all the capabilities of the leading imaging software brands and has been performing well in the Asian market (3DII has several globally known technology companies as clients).

At Imaginos NDE, we are representing the 3DII software across Europe. As a UK based company, we hope to be able to offer easy, accurate support that matches the 3DII capabilities so that our European clients know that they are getting advanced technology with "close to home" support.

The main versions of 3DII are as follows, but please remember that the 3DII team are capable of adapting the 3DII imaging software to suit your application.




VX3D is 3DII’s software platform for the visualisation and analysis of reconstructed CT data.

VX3D offers intuitive visualization solutions, such as auto cropping, clipping, and zoom cube functions. VX3D also provides users with various measurement tools and powerful reporting functions for 2D or 3D data analysis.

VX3D was specially developed for practical and industrial CT applications. VX3D is able to perform defect analysis for industrial purposes by adding optional modules, such as VXPI (porosity detection module) and VXEI (electronic chip inspection module).

For full details of the 3DII range and their key features, download the 3DII brochure here. If you have further questions regarding 3DII, please get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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