The Buhral Ultrasonic (UT) Cleaning systems are instrumental to the production of many products by offering state of the art ultrasonic (UT) cleaning, rinsing and dying processes in non destructive testing (NDT).

Buhral UT cleaning systems is the first choice for welding of synthetic materials, when building precision machines for non-destructive testing (NDT) installations and lubrication systems.

Buhral machines are built with experience and accuracy; conforming to NEN 3410 en NEN-EN 50014.

How does it work?

Within the cleaning fluid occur microscopical vacuum bubbles that implode due to the ultrasonic energy, known as cavitation. Cavitation is a physical phenomenon that makes thoroughly cleaning possible.
Optimal effect is reached if the right high quality piezo ceramic PZT vibration elements are placed at the right position.

Buhral has developed a number of standard modules that are combined to suit the client’s application needs and inline coupled. A module series of Ultrasonic (UT) cleaning systems are ideal for cleaning of larger series products that can be moved manually.

Modular Systems


Basic principle of ultrasonic cleaning is a generator with piezo ceramic PZT vibration elements connected. In existing and new installations the position and quality of vibration elements is the key factor for cleaning quality and life-time of elements. With the experience o